SummerTime Fine

Your 6 week Training guide to getting summertime fine


The 6-week Summertime Fine Challenge is a high intensity program designed to get your body snatched for the summer months!

Made for those looking to lose inches off their waist, develop their core, and lift the booty, this challenge will help you look your best all summer long!

It can be used alone, or paired with your normal training routine. 

The reason we love #BBTSummerFine is because it’s simple, easy to follow, and most importantly gives you all the tools to reach your summertime goals!!

Summertime Fine comes with supplementation advice, as well as the foods that we suggest to enhance your progress.

Equipment needed: Dumbbells up to 50lbs, track or running trail with distance markers or running GPS , Squat Rack (optional)

Release Date: March 1st, 2018

Sample Training Sessions From Guide

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