What is BBT Sports  Performance Training 

Taking Your Training to the Next Level

BBT Athletic Performance is designed to do two things: create athletes who are successful on and off the field; and develop the athletes mindset for better overall performance.

Scholastic (10-14 years old)

Developmental curriculum focuses on progressing athletic movement while introducing of speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.

Prep (15-18)

Prep curriculum is designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics, mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program.


Our BBT Athletic Performance helps collegiate athletes transform their game by helping them maximizing their performance. With an indepth look into an athlete’s biomechanics and movement patterns, our staff is able to create individualized training programs for each athlete.

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What You get with BBT Atheltics


  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Laying the Mental Foundation
  • Developing Character
  • Building Work Ethic


  • Advanced Linear Acceleration Speed Dynamics
  • Advanced Linear Velocity Speed Dynamics
  • Advanced Lateral Speed Dynamics
  • Intermediate-Level Plyometric Training
  • Intermediate-Level, Sport-Specific Strength Training
  • Advanced Flexibility Training
  • Advanced Pre-Hab, Joint Stability and Mobility Training


  • Theory and Terminology
  • Instilling a Healthy Lifestyle

Why Choose BBT Athletic Performance?

If you are an athlete you should be training with BBT Athletic Performance. Our programs not only help you train to reach your maximum performance level, but we also help you reduce and prevent injuries by teaching you to proper mechanics.

BBT Sports Performance

Frequently Asked Questions 

I am currently an "in season athlete". Can I effectively train while in season?
My child athlete has practice, can he still come to training later that day?
Yes! As long as proper recovery time is given and the athlete eats a nutritious meal, it is safe for the athlete to train two times a day. For more information on two days, read our athletic blog in BBT Academy.
How is billing done?
BodyByT Fitness uses an autopayment method for all athlete billing. Our main dates for billing are the 1st and 16th of the every month, although special accommodations can be made.
I'm ready to train, how do I start?
When you feel like you are ready to take your athletic training to the next level, simply contact BodyByT through our “Start Now” Buttons and schedule an assessment with our performance coaches.
What is the commitment level for the programs?
My athlete is a beginner in sports, should they still train?
It is very beneficial for any beginner athlete to train, as this gives our coaches the greatest opportunity to teach proper form and mechanics.
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