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Thank you for your interest in Body by T Fitness. We truly appreciate your interest and we are certain that Body by T Fitness can be the home to you for years to come. Body by T is one of the leading companies in women aesthetics training in the Charlotte area. From weight loss to weight gain to simply staying in shape, we offer programs for just about anyone.

The Body by T Fitness story is one of the typical college entrepreneur. Started in the basement of UNC Charlotte’s gym, we began our brand based on the idea that fitness should be affordable to all, no matter what they made. Our training philosophy is built on having coaches, not trainers. A trainer affects a client for the 1 hour they train with them, but a coach affects the other 23 hours of the day because fitness is a lifestyle.

That’s why at Body by T Fitness, our staff are all Strength & Conditioning Coaches by nature. This separates us from other programs, as we design comprehensive, yet independent training programs designed to help our clients develop independence outside of the gym. 

OUR Founder and CEO

Tyler Hickey, our founder and CEO, grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina and developed his love for helping others at an early age. As a three sport athlete and All Area and Conference athlete, Tyler decided to attend to the United States Naval Academy Prep School in hopes of pursing his dream of playing division 1 Football. However, after a setback while in school, Tyler transferred to UNC Charlotte to pursue a walk on spot with their football program. While training for tryouts, Tyler was approached by a sophomore who wanted to develop a fit-thick body in hopes of becoming a fitness model. After helping numerous clients achieve their aesthetic goals, Tyler decided to purse fitness diligently while remaining a full time student.

Body by T opened his first location, BBT North Charlotte in June 2017 at the age of 21 years old. Tyler is currently scheduled to graduate in December of 2018, and plans to open a second location in South Charlotte.

Core Values

A brand’s core values stand as a key to it’s success. They are the essence of company’s culture and personality. We recognize our core values as fundamental guides in our company’s decision making and ultimate success.

Empowerment Through Education

As individuals and professionals, we believe that the only way to truly empower our clients is to educate. The restless pursuit of knowledge is a cornerstone of the Body by T promise

Strength in Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a gym community to raise an athlete. We know that by providing our clients a strong gym community we can allow our clients opportunity to grow into the person they are destined to become.

Commitment to Self above All Other Things

No relationship ever succeeds without commitment. We expect our clients to be committed to themselves and their fitness goals. Through good times, as well as bad, we set the expectations that there is no excuse not to achieve your goals.

Genuine Dedication to the Success of the BBT Family

We sincerely care about every one of our clients, their aspirations, and families. We understand that fitness is only a small part in your life, and we believe in your dreams and visions just as much as you do ours.

Deliver ‘Results’

There’s a difference between progress and results. “Progress” simply means making improvements from where one was. However, progress does not ensure lasting change. Our goal at Body by T Fitness is to get our clients lasting “RESULTS” that stay long after their last session. We know that true transformations are lasting both inside and out, and we strive to deliver a transformation to each of our clients!

Have A Transformative Mindset

We are all caterpillars waiting for our transformation. We teach our clients to embrace change and accept hardship because we know that diamonds are forged in fire. Transformations start in the mind and every day is a new day to go out and transform the mind.

Our Training Style | Results Driven

At  Body By T Fitness, we are aesthetic trainers by design. Simply put, we focus on real results! From out coaching accountability to Skype sessions, we ensure our clients stay on track to accomplishing their goals. Our regimens consist of the latest strength and cardio research and our tested protocols ensure that all of clients can see results in 30 days or less!!! While your friends may be doing the latest YouTube routine, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal in a fraction of the time.

We’ll be the first to tell you we’re not for everyone. To the contrary, we actually cater to 3 specific markets. Our target markets are College Fitness, Women Aesthetics, Pre-College Athletics. While we will never turn anyone away, we always strive to push our clients in the right direction—whether it be with us or another program in the area.
The Body By T training philosophy is built around 3 things: consistency, hard work, and lifting heavy! Frankly, we hit it hard in the gym—it’s not always pretty, but we condition our clients into the mindset of champions. You can achieve anything you want if you make it important enough. That’s why our client’s never quit! While they may complain from time to time, we always get the job done.

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