Motivation is Key: 3 Tips to stay consistent with your fitness goals

There are many reasons we decide to exercise; whether it is to fit into a dress next month or to gain a healthier, consistent lifestyle. Your motivation to exercise will significantly determine your progress during your fitness journey. Here at Body by T Fitness,  we believe that taking care of your body and ensuring that you maintain a healthy lifestyle should be the focus of your exercise program. Once you commit to a healthy lifestyle, you commit to yourself. Commitment is not just a week or a month; it is a lifelong process that you invest in. A key to keep that commitment and stay on track is to create liability. This can be done by having a friend or a family member that can give you accountability. Another way is by joining a program ( Like Body by T Fitness) to help guide you in your steps. A trainer can help give you the steps it takes to build that motivation and consistency you need for your fitness journey. There are 3 key components to motivation under the self-determination theory: Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness.

Set Realistic Goals

Before you start your journey, set realistic goals that you believe you can achieve. The feeling of autonomy, or the freedom of choice, is the first aspect of motivation. When you are starting your exercise journey, you should be comfortable and give yourself a strategic plan to get the results you desire. If you decide to hire a trainer, they can assist you with these goals. They will create a set workout plan based on your age, weight, and goal specific to you. It is important to have clear communication with your trainer so they can know how you’re feeling at all times. Feedback is important, your trainer can’t know how you feel unless you tell them. Identify exercises that you enjoy and the exercises you don’t like at all so the trainer can acclimate to your opinions. You have a choice and say in your fitness journey.

Bring Massive Positivity

Start with a positive mindset every day, the more positivity you bring in the gym, the better you will preform. The next step of motivation is the feeling of Competence, or perceived self-belief in one’s ability to perform well in an activity. Go into each work out with a positive mindset otherwise it may not be enjoyable to you. Your workout should be fun. A trainer, like the ones at Body by T fitness, will give specific positive or negative feedback to ensure you are doing movements properly to get the results you desire. They help to bring enthusiasm and energy into each work out so that you come in feeling pumped and ready to go. Pace yourself; meaning that if you are not ready for the full extent of a particular exercise don’t rush it. Take your time with each movement to avoid injuries. Be aware of your current fitness level and be sure to give feedback to your trainer if a weight is too much.


Find a  Community (Or Build one yourself)

Find a community that you can find comfort in and exercise judgment-free. The final component of motivation for exercise is Relatedness, or a sense of shared experience. You may look at an athlete like LeBron James, or Serena Williams and wish you were as physically fit as them, however, even they had to start somewhere. Everyone has things they can work on to better their lifestyle. Joining a fitness forum or blog can help connect you with others that are dealing with the same issues as you or that you can seek advice from to help you. A trainer also serves as someone that can motivate you in this aspect. They can introduce you to the gym environment and give you comfort. The environment at Body by T fitness is one where individuals of all sizes can come as they are and freely enjoy a work out with likeminded people. The friendly and welcoming environment provide a perfect place for motivation. The gym is like a small community where others that also want to better themselves come to a safe place.  


        Overall, your progress and success during your fitness journey all depends on you. Whether you choose to have an accountability partner, a trainer, or decide to use your own tactics it all depends on how you make of it. Some days you will not have as much motivation as others. Some of the time you may have a bad day at work and not have the motivation to work out, however, you have to learn to stay committed to your goals and that comes from motivation. You’re motivation should be that you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself not just because you want to be able to fit in that size 3 dress, although that is a nice goal you should strive for more. It cannot happen overnight but with a lot of hard work and diligence you can be successful. With each workout, remember to give yourself freedom of choice, believe that you have the ability to do well in whatever you do, and that you are not alone. There are many people who have been in the same place as you. Motivation is something that has to be maintained every day. What you put in to every work out, is indeed what you will receive.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you need more help reaching your fitness goals or would like professional help, contact us at and let us help you achieve your fitness goals!

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