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BBT Interview by Morgan


“Tyler really makes working out fun and challenging! At first it was hard because I never worked to my full capacity but Tyler soon brought out my full potential! The waistband of my pants is too big and I have outgrown most of my belts, my thighs have slimmed down considerably and my strength has improved substantially. I remember when I couldn’t lift a 40-pound dumbbell and now I can hold it with ease. He is definitely someone you would want to work with if you want to see change! I’m getting closer to my goal every day thanks to him.” – Morgan

BBT Inteview by Alexus


“My Name is Alexus and I am super excited about the progress I have made in just a month training with Tyler and the progress I will continue to make. My stomach is getting flatter every day. My legs look amazing and I am ready to continue my transformation. A Month ago I was cleaning my closet for clothes to donate when I came across one of my favorite dresses. I put it on and could not zip it past my waist; however, I could not bring myself to part with it and held on to It. When I recently tried it on it zipped all the way up. I have been challenged and pushed by Tyler and I am grateful that he would never allow me to cheat myself. Thus far I am Impressed with his passion to help clients and ability to see the strength that we may not.” – Alexus

BBT Interview 4

“In May I decided it was finally time to get a control of my health. I knew I needed the help of personal trainer but didn’t have the funds to afford one. After meeting with Tyler for my first session I knew training at Body by T would be the place for me. Not only was it affordable but it was close to where I lived and I had no issues accommodating it to my crazy work schedule. Tyler creates a fun, energetic, judge free atmosphere, where I workout parts of my body I never knew existed. He pushes me to my highest potential even when I feel like I can’t push myself anymore. He focuses on correct form and accuracy so that I know I’m getting the most effective workout possible. You can truly see his passion for training and overall health. Everyday I’m closer to my goals and I have no one else to thank but Tyler.”

BBT Interview by McKayla


I’ve been working with Tyler for a little over 4 months now and in that time I have noticed tremendous transformations in my body and my athletic abilities. I have great new lean muscles thanks to his efforts! Tyler is an amazing trainer who gives consistent and positive feedback as well as constructive criticism when needed. He challenges and motivates me to push past any perceived limits to reach my fitness goals. His passion for fitness shows through the encouragement and enthusiasm brought to every training session. He also holds high importance on correct form to ensure I am getting the most out of every workout performed. With a easy going and friendly personality Tyler is a pleasure to be around and be trained by. Highly recommend! ” – McKayla

BBT Interview 3

“I’ve been training with Tyler for almost 3 months now, and I must say these past 3 months I’ve seen nothing but amazing results. At first I was a little skeptical about having a personal trainer, but Tyler has not only been an incredible trainer, but a mentor as well. Every session he continuously motivates and pushes me to reach my goals. His hard work, and dedication shows throughout every session, and is a joy to be around. Working out has now become an everyday thing for me, which I honestly never thought would happen. I can’t even begin to thank Tyler enough for not only changing my views on a healthier lifestyle and fitness, but making me feel more confident in myself and my body. Thank you Tyler for constantly encouraging me, and I can’t wait for these next 3 months!”

BBT Interview Miss North Carolina Pageant 2016

“As a contender for the 2016 Miss North Carolina Pageant, I knew that I had to have a slim, tone physique if I wanted to ace not only the swimsuit phase of competition, but also win the crown and make my way to Miss America. With only 8 months to prepare, and no idea how or what to do, I decided to give personal training a try. Choosing Tyler as a personal trainer was the best decision I have made in preparation for Miss North Carolina. Patient, dedicated, flexible, and affordable, Tyler has been nothing short of an amazing trainer. Since September, Tyler has worked tirelessly to make sure that every session has been not just a challenging workout but a move toward a lifestyle change. Despite, the blood, sweat, and tears, every second of every session has been worth it.

The results have not only motivated me to work hard during our sessions, but also during our off days. Tyler is not only a trainer, but also a teacher. Now aware of how and what to do while in the gym, exercising has become apart of my daily regiment, which I never thought would be possible. I have become dedicated beyond belief to becoming a better me.

I cannot thank Tyler Hickey enough for not only rearranging my perspective on my own personal health and fitness, but also helping me achieve the perfect physique for this year’s Miss North Carolina Pageant. Thank you so much for kick-starting this journey as well as kicking my butt. I cannot wait to show off my “Body By T” on the stage in Raleigh in June!”

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