BBT Case Study: How this BBT Client got the body of their dreams for Homecoming Season.

It’s no secret, everyone wants to be right for homecoming! But not many are willing to put the work in to earn their results. However, you can’t say that about Elle! After noticing some excess weight had come from her new corporate job, Elle decided


How long this take: 4 Month Fitcamp Training

Nutrition Program: Basic Nutrition Training

Client Schdule:3x a week with possible 4th day.

Client Goals: Elle goals were to slim her midsection while maintaining a curvaceous body. While her main concern was not the scale,

Director of Training Notes:Elle program was really simple, come to the gym consistently and make nutrition changes at home.

Turning Point:“My turning point was when I looked in the mirror and realized that my college body wasn’t there anymore. So, I got on Instagram and saw that my friend had signed up with this trainer and saw amazing results, so I clicked the profile and Body by T Fitness came up!


While Elle may have come in for homecoming season, her lifestyle change stayed with her even after her training with Body by T Fitness. Today, she faithfully goes to the gym in her new home in Tennessee and stills checks in with Body by T Fitness family from time to time. A true testament of her training with BBT Fitness, Elle still has maintained her results she achieved with new gym routine.

Do you want a transformation like Elle? Contact us today at BBT Fitness and let us help you achieve your fitness goals! 


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