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BBT Bootcamps were made with two thoughts in mind: affordability and effectiveness. With our client base comprised of mostly young adults on a tight budget, we know just how important each dollar you spend is. That’s why we made our coveted Group Fitness classes 6 days a week, convenient times and unlimited sessions. 

Metabolic Training  

Metabolic training is designed to burn the maximum amount fat utlizing High Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve fat loss through little periods between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. 


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Why Choose BootCamp?

Bootcamp is for those who want to experience a fun, energetic workout while still helping our clients see real results. Built on the latest fitness research on fat loss and strength training, we combine HIIT Training with Metabolic training to bring our clients great results! So, whether you are looking to get back into the gym or just looking to stay in shape, our programs will help you thrive in your new fitness lifestyle!

Program Results 

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BBT Bootcamp Packages

BBT Bootcamp is designed to be a complete program for clients to help them, lose, tone or maintain their shape. That’s why many of our clients plan to stay with bootcamp for years not months.

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Frequenlty Asked Questions

How long is Bootcamp?

BBT Bootcamp is designed to be 55 mintues. The Warm Up period starts at 7pm and training starts at 7:10pm. 


How often are client assessments ?

Client assessments are made once a month on the first of the month. Clients progress pictures are taken as well Body fat and body measurements are completed by the BBT Staff upon request. Clients may choose to opt out of any BBT Client assessment.


How fast can I see results on Bootcamp?

BBT Bootcamp is designed to be 55 mintues. The Warm Up period starts at 7pm and training starts at 7:10pm. 


What if I can't make it the session?

In the event, if you not able to make a BBT Bootcamp, all programs are avaible on the Body by T Fitness apps with videos explanations of indivual exercises. 


How are payments made for the program?

All Billing is are made throug either ACH or Card payments on our autopay system. Body by T Fitness does not accept cash payments for any monthly programs. 

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