We’re different


When we started Body By T Fitness, our goal was to create something unique. Of course, personal trainers and small gyms are everywhere. Some of our athletes pass 3 to 4 gyms on the way to train with us. However, our clients prefer to train with Body by T Fitness.




It’s because BBT Fitness is Exclusive. Body by T Fitness Started as one of the first facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina to specialize in aesthetic performance training( I.E. training how you want to look in the mirror). We hold our own special niche of being a place where individuals can come learn about fitness, as well as, hone and define their skills. We’re a family atmosphere built into the community of Charlotte.


We’re Professional 


In today’s market, everyone is a personal trainer, selling tummy tea or has their opinion on how to achieve your goals. Body by T Fitness hand picks its staff from dedicated individuals who are serious students of fitness. And while every staff member may not hold a B.S. in exercise science, we take great pride in their quests to know everything about the fitness industry and world. All BBT Fitness training staff spend 5 to 10 hours a week on professional development, ranging from reading articles about the latest industry trends to completing education courses. For us, it’s not who can be the best, it’s who can stay the best.


We’re Consistent


We understand that one of the biggest things that it takes to be successful in fitness is consistency. Whether it’s being consistent as a training staff by providing amazing content or consistently posting free nutrition advice, we know how important it is to be consistent for our clients. We don’t take it lightly that our clients trust us with their health and everyday we know that the first step in being a great training facility is being… that’s right you guessed it… consistent!


We’re Tough (When we need to Be)


Yes you heard right. Some days our athletes need love and understanding, sometimes our clients need tough love and discipline. We’re here for both!


The most important thing about training with Body by T Fitness is a healthy balance between support and holding our athletes accountable. We understand every day may not be a good day, whether it’s in the gym or your personal life.


We Care


Sounds Cliche right? Well, it’s true for us. BBT Fitness cares about our training family and the community around us! When we started our company, one thing that we have been adamant about from the very beginning was giving back and helping others. Our founder, Tyler Hickey, volunteered teaching elementary P.E. classes just to give back to the community and learn the trade. Fast forward to present day and you can see the mark left by our owner. Whether it’s motivating athletes who have fallen off their training program to participating in our city charity initiatives, Body by T Fitness cares about the community we live in!


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