“Abs for the Summer”

BBT 30 Day AB Challenge

So it’s summer and you want sexy, sleek ABs. Whether you spent too much time living your best life the past couple of months or you just want to be snatched for the summer, you’ve now made the decision to get serious in the gym. That’s why we’ve  built our AB’s for the Summer Challenge. AB’s for the Summer is a 30 day online core challenge designed to decrease body fat and increase core strength and definition. Built on the principle of high intensity sprints, core strengthening regimens and decreased caloric intake, our program makes only one promise; if you follow our program, YOU WILL leave with a stronger, defined core. And while your individual results will depend on your body fat percentage, following this program will allow you to cut and define your core in a safe, effective method to give you AB’s for the Summer!

BBT AB’s Results

What Your Program Will Look Like

Our AB Formula

Nutrition is Key 

We’ve all heard it before… Abs are built in the kitchen. But what does that really mean? If your goal is to have a sleek and defined core, then it is essential that you eat with your abs in mind.

Through our scientific approach of core training we’re going to help you target the different layers of fat in your midsection. While we will not be putting you on a strict meal plan, we will outline your nutrition path to success. This will include a nutrition guide and sample meal plan to assist you in the kitchen.

Cardio is a Must 

Cardio is your friend. But probably not the cardio you’re thinking of. SO, if you’re a treadmill warrior or think that the sauna is a form of cardio, this challenge may not be for you.

Our 30 Day Ab Challenge will be centered around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Metabolic and Circuit Training. Coupled with Sprint Training, we will take an athletic approach to cardio that will be aimed at decreasing the body fat while training the body. And while this style of training may be new and different, we GUARANTEE if you trust and follow the process, it will work for you too!

Strength Training is Mandatory 

Our core training regimen will feature a mixture of two different training styles. Challenge goers will complete 3 different core regimens in during their 6 Day program.

Session 1: 15 Minutes Core Activation

Session 2: 20 Minutes Cardio Session

Session 3: 15 Minutes Core Strength

Each session will serve a unique purpose in our core regimen and following all 3 will ensure your success at reaching your sleek defined core! 

What You Get!

The BBT AB Challenge will be a completely online training challenge that you can access anytime, anywhere! Whether you plan your day around your program or you’re crunched for time, our program will allow you flexible options to train and complete the program each day.

30 Day Core Guide: $79.99

You will receive our 30 Day Core Program, scientifically designed from the latest sports science and fitness research to get you the sleek, defined core that you want. Each day of the challenge will build on the last to deliver a clear outline for success!

7 Day Meal Plan: $39.99

We’re going to include a FULL MEAL PLAN with a grocery list to help you design your own nutrition program. We love giving our client’s the freedom of nutrition design and this program will help you do just that!

Support Chat with the BBT Training Staff: $19.99

This guide will feature in-app support from our training staff to help you work through different problems as you transform your core. Remember, we’re in this together!

Weekly Check Ins: $19.99

Each Monday, you’ll check in with the coaching staff and send your transformation pictures. And yes, while we understand that you may not be where you want to be at first, we promise you that if you trust the process, you won’t regret it.

Special Added Bonus… the BBT Nutrition Guide: $29.99

As a special added bonus, we’re going to include our 35 page BBT Nutrition Guide. This nutrition guide will help teach the basics of nutrition while still allowing you the freedom to design your own nutrition regimen.

Original Value Price: $189.95

Sale Price: Only $99.99

Program Starts June 1st!!!

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